When you see it working, it’s just so compelling!
— Foursquare & Venmo user

Understanding what users love most about Foursquare as well as their mobile payment apps was a key goal of the user interviews. We discovered that our interviewees love mobile payments when they're efficient and easy to use. Another common thread was the indifference to the social aspect of mobile payment apps. An unexpected discovery was the levels of comfort people had towards their credit security.

Think about the ecosystem of the product outside of the screen and web - how do we use all that to connect to other people?
— Sean Salmon

We were lucky enough to discuss our ideas with Foursquare's Lead UX Designer Sean Salmon who offered insight about what to consider when narrowing down the scope. We spoke at length about how this feature has the potential to increase revenue for Foursquare, the amount of data it would collect and its stickiness factor.