2 weeks, 1 website & a lot of testing

This project was a part of my UXDI curriculum at General Assembly. I was given a brief that included the business goals of "The Magic Toy Shop" as well as a few user personas that served as the user base for this E-commerce site. For this project I placed heavy emphasis on information architecture so that the navigation would be intuitive for users to find what they needed quickly. 

Software used:


Identifying business, brand and user goals

After reviewing the brief and user personas, I noticed that the business placed a huge emphasis on a few specific elements like ease of use while the brand wanted the site to feel unique and users wanted to be able to find things quickly. These became important considerations when conducting user research.


The research methods I used included site visits, competitive analysis, card sorting, association mapping and navigation testing. I gained valuable insight from each of these methods. 

2014-06-13 11.38.42.jpg


Competitive analysis: My research showed that many sites handle out of stock items in an unclear way, some don't offer incentives for users to sign up and make it difficult to find specific items in their navigation. These were helpful considerations for this project.

Card sorting: When asked to organize toys into categories, people had loose categorical associations and put toys into more than one category. This led me to create an association map where I was able to understand how one toy could be found through many paths. 

Navigation testing: When asked to find specific toys on an updated navigation, a surprising discovery was that users' age made a difference in how they categorized the toys, hence, what they clicked to find them. This became another consideration when iterating my navigation bar. 


After tweaking the navigation to meet the needs of the users, I tested my prototype numerous times and asked participants to perform certain tasks. These annotated wireframes show a simple user flow from search to selection to checkout.