I was one of two researchers on three week long project in conjunction with the Stanford for a collective of New Zealand farmers, ranchers and agriculture based companies. The goal was to understand the consumer motivators and buying habits of premium goods within the U.S. market. A secondary goal was assessing the attitudes toward New Zealand. 

Research plan; script, participant recruitment

The script was grouped into categories such as Health & Wellness, Transparency, and Animal Welfare, just to name a few. These categories reflected some of the main priorities that our client was interested in learning about. By understanding how our participants defined those categories, we were able synthesize trends and value sets. 

Methodology: interviews, personas, major findings and trends

We selected six participants based on screening criteria and held the interviews over the span of a few days. Our final report included high level personas so that our client could get a sense of the kind of individuals we spoke to and their voice. After analyzing the six interviews, we included findings on the topics that were integral to the goal, but also went a step further and included recommendations based on values that participants deemed important; aspiration, availability, familiarity, authenticity. Overall, the informative findings served as an aid to identify market opportunities in the U.S.