One of the projects at LivePerson that I spearheaded was a customer research project that provided insights for product pricing, features, and marketing as well as overall customer experience.  Over the span of two months, I organized and conducted over twenty interviews, crafted and analyzed four customer surveys, and presented findings to the product and marketing teams. The insights were used to inform company strategy and the report had received company wide distribution.  

the Process

Determine goal:

LivePerson was interested in expanding into the B2C space and wanted to understand how self service customers perceive their product and particularly what they think of the pricing model. As a researcher, I understood that we couldn't fully understand the customer's preference for pricing without understanding how the value of the product is perceived. We had to look at how customers use this service against their perception of how important it is to the success of their business. This gave us insight as to what a customer would be willing to pay for and why.

Identify research methods:

Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were used to get a sense of product perception, satisfaction, and pain points. The product marketing team had already segmented their users in a great way, so we took advantage of the access to feedback and crafted four different surveys based on the customer group. From these surveys, we included an option to continue the feedback process and participate in an interview. I prepared scripts and led the interviews over the span of two weeks. 

Collect and analyze insights: 

To draw conclusions about customer segments, their preferred pricing model, and their perception of value, question results were mapped against one another to find correlations. Insights from the interviews were categorized and when mapped against the quantitative data, the final report was able to present a well rounded perspective that was informed by both numbers and sentiment.